Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

I'm not feeling very creative today so I'll take a page from the other bloggers listed below and do a list. Feel free to join us. Just do your own Thursday Thirteen and send me a link in my comments. I'll add you to the list below! Thanks to Leanne by way of e for this idea!

13. I'm a bit superstitious so I'm a little concerned about making a list of 13 things.

12. I won't let that stop me, though.

11. Speaking of bad luck, my car was towed on Sunday from in front of my apartment building. It had flashers on and I think the jerk watched me bring my groceries in before he towed me.

10. When I went to pick up my car, I swore at the tow truck driver and called him an asshole (among other things).

9. Really loud.

8. It made me feel better even if it didn't help anything (and probably hurt because he then left my car at the waaaaay back of the lot).

7. I don't know why I'm counting backwards.

6. I'm going to a book launch party tonight for this author's latest book. The party is being thrown by my fabulous neighbor who is starting a party planning business.

5. I'm going to meet this online friend on Sunday and I'm really excited.

4. Go check out her site - she's really funny.

3. I like blogging more than I like working.

2. And that might become a problem at some point.

1. I had a much harder time coming up with 13 things to say than I thought I would!

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UziCue said...

Hi. Thanks for coming by.
Have a great weekend!!

E said...

Yea! Glad you joined in the fun...I'm going to go add you to my links now! BTW, I like blogging way better than working as well...wish I got paid for it!

landismom said...

Wow, that sucks about your car. The book launch party sounds fun, though!

InterstellarLass said...

That does suck about your car! Sometimes it does seem those guys just lurk about waiting for the best moment to pounce. Thanks for stopping by my thirteen.

catherine said...

Getting your car towed is horrible. I'm glad you cussed at the guy; that would make me feel better too!
That author is beautiful, by the way. Have you read the books??
Have a great weekend.
Here's my thirteen:

Jessica said...

Catherine - the author (Laura Caldwell) is not only beautful but she's super nice as well. I bought two of her books at the party and she signed them for me! I got her new book - The Night I Got Lucky and one of her earlier books Get Closer. I got Get Closer because her mother-in-law (who is also awesome) and her husband told me it was their favorite of all her books. Can't get a better recommendation than that, can you?

I'll post more about the party this weekend.

MIM said...

Girl, I am EXCITED about meeting you, too!! Call you tomorrow!

Jessica said...

Interstellarlass - Sorry I forgot to link your 13 the first time I posted! I got it now.