Thursday, September 22, 2005

Ch ch ch chaaanges . . .

Oh look! More lame musical references from yours truly. Sorry, I just can't help myself.

I don't know why this occurred to me but I was just remembering the difficulty we had dropping M-Girl off at preschool two years ago. She would cry and cling and cry and cling. I'd hand her over to a teacher and she'd reach for me, tears streaming down her face. It was haaarible. Truly. The teachers told us that within seconds of our leaving, she was just fine and dandy. But of course. This went on most of the school year. It sucked.

Then it was time for junior kindergarten - and she pulled some of the same stuff. Big D and I learned early on that if we had Abby drop her off at class instead of one of us going in, M-Girl was miraculously tear and cling free. So her big sis dropped her off most of the year and we just waved from the car.

I was worried at the beginning of this school year. A-Girl's not around to walk her to class. I thought we'd have a lot of "Don't leave me, Mommy!" for a few months. We're in the car driving to school on the first day.

Me: M-Girl, do you want me to walk you to class this morning?
M-Girl: No.
Me: Really, I can. It's no problem.
M-Girl: No! I'll go myself.
Me: Um, ok.

So we pull up to the school. The gym teacher opens the door for M-Girl. She grabs her backpack and heads to the door.

Me: Bye, honey! Have a great day!
M-Girl: (Nothing - I was talking to her back. She was already heading up the stairs to class).
Me: *sniff*


landismom said...

Oh, I know that feeling exactly. It's like I've become totally irrelevant. I'm proud and sad at the same time.

MIM said...

They grow up so fast!