Thursday, November 17, 2005

Thursday Thirteen - "Fluffy Musical" edition

Thirteen Things about Jessica

1. Last night I went to see The Boy Friend at the Chicago Theatre. Those of you who aren't die hard Broadway musical fans probably haven't heard of it. I was actually in this play when I was at theater camp as a kid. All I remember is that during the song Sur La Plage, the boys had to flip the girls over and I was scared shitless. But as I watched the show last night, I realized that somewhere in my addled brain, I still held the lyrics to most of the songs.
2. I agree with the Tribune reviewer. He called fluffy shows like this "book lemonade" but I call it cotton candy for the mind. The plot only exists as an excuse to sing the songs. And the songs aren't all that good. But from a nostalgia point of view, it was awesome.
3. I went with a friend and colleague who is a singer and shares my love of all things related to Broadway musicals. Last week, she and I were in a meeting together and at the end of the meeting, for reasons I can't recall, we both started singing the songs from Wicked. Anyone who's willing to do that, will enjoy a fluffy show.
4. We cracked ourselves up throughout the show because there are lots of times when it's so predictable that, even if I hadn't been in the show many, many years ago, I would still know what was coming next. But that's part of the charm for me - life is so unpredictable, it's nice to know what's going to happen next, even if only for a couple hours.
5. My all-time favorite musical is Guys and Dolls. I don't think it's totally fluffy but it has fluffy tendencies. The movie, with Marlon Brando as Sky Masterson, is fab!
6. My favorite musical movie (besides Guys and Dolls) is Singing in the Rain. You already know that I always had a thing for Gene Kelly and he's positively dreamy in this movie.
7. There are so many great scenes in Singing in the Rain, if I had to pick the best comedy scene, it would be the one with Donald O'Connor singing Make 'em Laugh. As part of my devious plot to get my children to like this movie as much as I do, I didn't show them the whole movie the first time I introduced it to them. I showed them the Make 'em Laugh scene. A Girl especially loves slapstick so they cracked up.
8. The dance scene with Gene Kelly and Sid Cherise is priceless. Almost as good as American in Paris, but not quite.
9. My second favorite musical (in play form) has to be Lion King because the costumes are simply amazing and I love, love, love the music.
10. Here are other musicals I've seen or been in (in no particular order): Sound of Music (of course!), South Pacific, Oklahoma, Jesus Christ Superstar, I Do I Do, Chorus Line, Tommy, Miss Saigon, Rent, My Fair Lady, Wicked, 42nd Street, Les Miserables, Cats, Starlight Express, Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, Once Upon A Mattress, Merrily We Roll Along, Pacific Overtures, Sunday in the Park with George, The King and I, Carousel, Fiddler on the Roof, Big River, Showboat, Grease, Camelot, Cinderella, Porgy and Bess, Pippin, Hair, West Side Story, Music Man, The Wiz, Little Shop of Horrors, Sing, Mahalia, Sing, Annie Get Your Gun, Hello Dolly, Bye Bye Birdie, Annie, Oliver, A Little Night Music, Dancin'. Hmmm, I thought the list would be longer!
11. My biggest Broadway musical regret is that I did NOT see Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick in The Producers while it was in Chicago. I didn't see the show at all and I know I would have loved it. I can't remember what was going on at the time and why I didn't get tickets. In fact, I'm pretty sure Big D even offered to get tickets if I wanted them (he's not a big musical fan like me but he knows how much I love it and he always takes care of me!).
12. I wish that tickets to shows weren't so darn expensive or I'd go see Wicked again. Even M Girl asked to see it again and she didn't really understand the plot, she just likes the music and the fact that the "wicked" witch is green. "For real." She says.
13. Big D and A Girl are coming home on Monday! I simply cannot wait. I will probably break into song when I see them.

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landismom said...

I'll see your A Little Night Music & raise you a Starlight Express!

Great list. I love Singing in the Rain too--I must have watched that movie fifty times when I was a kid. Maybe I'll put that on the Bee's Christmas list...and follow your Make 'Em Laugh suggestion.

Shelli said...

Amazing how many you have seen, but I see 2 glaring absences (at least to me), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Les Miserables. You haven't seen these?

This is my first Thursday Thirteen...

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i love singing in the rain, i had the biggest crush on gene kelly, he is dreamy.
the last live show i saw was rent, just don't seem to get out at all and now it's coming out on film.
i'm playing the 13 too.

The Scarlett said...

Last live show I saw was "Spamalot", front row center. We got to see The Producers with Nathan and Matthew and even got the opportunity to meet them backstage. (Here's a picture: We are seeing them again in The Odd Couple in February. I love Broadway!

Jessica said...

Scarlett - You ROCK! I can't believe you met Nathan Land and Matthew Broderick IN PERSON. I'm so jealous. I didn't see Spamalot either but I love Monty Python.

BSTS - So glad there's another person out there who thinks Gene Kelly is dreamy!

MTW - I think I'll go see Joseph this time around. I've heard good things about it.

LM - I'm so watching Singing in the Rain this weekend (if I can convince M Girl that she doesn't need to watch the Fairly Odd Parents musical for the gazillionth time).

Dutch said...

my favorite musical? paint your wagon. hands down.

Sheryl said...

I love musicals too. I love Paint Your Wagon, Man of La Mancha, Music Man, almost anything Sondheim has written. Glad to know there are other musical geeks out there besides me :O)I would love to take my kids to see the lion king, but the tickets, oy vey $$$

Dutch said...

how can you beat Clint Eastwood singing about some chick named Mariah?

Nothing But Bonfires said...

Oh my god, I was IN a production of The Boyfriend when I was about 15. Sadly I had to play a boy. Marcel, I think.