Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Random stuff

I love kickboxing. It's totally exhilarating. Who knew that kicking and punching the shit out of a really hard bag for an hour would make me feel so good? I'm not even the worst person in the class anymore. I am still the oldest woman, though, and probably will be for the duration. But that's ok.

I love Tae Kwon Do also for similar reasons. I really want to move up a belt. White is just not my color. Not that yellow is any better but it'll be a long time before I get to purple, which is my favorite color these days.

I can't believe it's almost Thursday. I shouldn't say too much here since it'll detract from my ability to write thirteen moderately interesting things tomorrow!

At dinner, Big D was trying to explain to M Girl the concept of thinking about things chronologically. As he was explaining what it meant, M Girl smiled at him and said "Daddy, I can't understand a thing you're saying. But I'm sure it's a good idea!"

I'm still walking on air because our little family is together again. But actually, I feel bad that it took a long separation like this to help me truly appreciate what I have. I hope that I've learned a lesson that I need to count my blessings every day because I have a lot of them!


MIM said...

Oh goody! I'm the first to comment! So sorry I've been gone for so long, but school is kicking my ass -- the same way you're kicking ass in TKD class. Glad to hear the family is together again. Sometimes absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Big kiss!

landismom said...

Sounds like fun. Are you having difficulty keeping the time you carved out for yourself, now that the family is back together?

AfricaBleu said...

Ha, that's funny - my son just started Tae Kwan Do, and after watching him a couple of times, I had to come home and practice the kicks myself on my husband.

He's getting my son (and me) a heavy bag for Christmas.