Wednesday, November 09, 2005

7 things (finally)

Many moons ago (ok, a little over two weeks ago),the wonderful MIM asked me ever so nicely to do the 7 Things meme. And because she's awesome, I'm going to give it a try. Mind you, I am not funny like she is - so don't go getting high expectations! Ok, enough procrastinating.

7 Things I want to do before I die

1. See my children grow up
2. Publish a novel
3. Produce a movie
4. Win an Oscar (for #3)
5. Wear a beautiful emerald green evening gown to accept #4
6. Change the world for the better
7. Get a grip on reality

7 Things I cannot do

1. Waterski
2. The splits
3. French braid hair
4. Streak
5. Keep from eating too many candycorns around Halloween
6. Give up Starbucks
7. Get a grip on reality

7 Things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. Intelligence (seriously!)
2. A great ass
3. Nice legs
4. Romantic nature
5. Beautiful eyes
6. Commitment to family
7. everything else about Big D!

7 Things I say most often

1. We'll see.
2. No fucking way!
3. What's for breakfast?
4. Yada yada yada
5. What the fuck?
6. No, you cannot have candy for breakfast.
7. Oh my god!

7 Celebrity Crushes

I have a acquaintance who says she has a "laminated card" on which there is a list of celebrities that she reserves the right to "do" if the opportunity should arise, regardless of whether or not she is otherwise attached. The only person on her list that I can remember is the lead singer of the band Train. Go figure -to each her own. But anyway, I don't have a laminated card and I don't have a desire to "do" any celebrities. Being famous isn't on my list of things that attract me to the opposite sex. Anyway, there are celebrities that were teen idols in the 1970's that I had kind of a crush on and then there are current celebs I think are cute so that's pretty much what this list is. It's not something I really think about most of the time. In fact, I had to go to various websites to find people to put on the list!

1. Gene Kelly - always loved him when I was a kid, great dancer, great singer and really cute! Seriously!
2. Shaun Cassidy - come on! You know he was a babe in the '70's! And he was so much cuter than David. Totally.
3. Leif Garret - I admit it. He was totally cute with his long girly hair when he was young but he's freakin' scary now.
4. Brad Pitt - He's still cute even though he left poor Jen high and dry.
5. George Clooney - I like the Ocean's 11 guys. What can I say?
6. Matthew McConaughey - total babe
7. Jude Law - Love his eyes although he is a total pig. Screwing the nanny? So cliche.

7 People I want to do this

Pretty much everyone that I would have tagged to do this has already done it. So I'm going to copy MIM and give you a list of blogs I think you should read.

1. MIM and not just to return the favor. You should be reading her blog because she is painfully honest and so funny she makes you spit your coffee all over your laptop.
2. landismom because she's smart and well spoken. She's also one of the few people I know that truly lives her values.
3. Sandra because she's a good writer and you'll learn interesting things about being an expat in Korea and other cool stuff.
4. Mir because she's so funny she'll make you pee in your pants.
5. Sheryl because she's another blogger who talks about her life in a refreshingly honest way but does it in an incredibly funny and loving way.
6. Gio because he makes me think and because I didn't think it was fair that the ladies were getting all the props!
7. Dutch and Wood at Sweet Juniper because they are excellent, smart and funny writers. Also because giving a nod to Dutch helps balance out the boy/girl ratio in this list a little bit.


Dutch said...

Thanks Jessica! Some guy left a comment on our blog the other day that he thought for the longest time that we were a gay couple. I think that either means I don't bring too much boy to the list, or I'm bringing double.

landismom said...

Thanks for the linky-love! Good meme, too.

Master Enigma said...

I enjoyed your post greatly.

I just published my own Thursday Thirteens here...

Anonymous said...

Well, for someone who claims NOT to be funny, I sure laughed my way through that list!!!!

And thanks for the link. I need to start reading Mir -- gotta read someone who makes you pee.

Kiss! Kiss!

Sheryl said...

Thanks Jess, I'll try to oblige ;o)

AfricaBleu said...

Mmm, I forgot Jude Law. He ALSO has "the form of mortal sin." Yum-yum.