Monday, August 01, 2005

Warning - stage mother post!

Just thought I'd let you all know that the Elmer's Glue commercial that A-Girl did in March is finally playing. You'd know it if you saw it - it starts out with her "mom" having a flashback to the 70's remembering how she and her mother did crafts using Elmer's Glue. It jumps to the present where A-Girl asks the mom what she's thinking about and the mom says "I was just thinking that you can't go back to school without your Elmer's Glue" and then they talk about Elmer's new washable purple glue sticks. It's very cute. I know I'm biased, but I think A-Girl did a great job. Credit goes to the fabulous director, Karen Carter and the great teams at SBC Advertising and Elmer's Glue. They were all so great for A-Girl to work with.

(Yes, I know. I'm a disgusting, gushing stage mother but I'm really not brown-nosing. As far as I know, none of those people reads my blog and even if they did, what I say has absolutely no bearing on whether my kid gets hired. I just want my few readers to know that I realize that the cuteness of the ad is not all due to my darling daughter's talent - as fabulous as she is. Plus, I think Karen is great. She's also pretty much the only director that hasn't treated me like I'm a necessary evil on set. And I like that.)

It's hard to express what a thrill it is to see your daughter on television. The other cool thing is that on some channels, they've been playing the Elmer's commercial and her McDonald's commercial back to back. That's pretty cool for a seven year old.


thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

S2Momma said...

Holy ****! Really? Your dd is in TV commercials? What station would I be most likely to see them on? I'll bet you just want to burst when you see her there on the screen.

How did you get started doing that? Just took her in to see an agent and got signed on? What age did you start? And forgive me for asking, but is it good pay? You know, significant enough to put toward college and feel like you made a dent? I read in a magazine that modeling pays peanuts, but maybe acting is a little different.

wow, I'm so impressed!

Morphing Mama said...

I had no idea you had celeb in your family! How very cool. Do you know if her commercials are airing on the West Coast?? Hey, if you all need to come out to LA for auditions, you must have your people call my people . . . !

Sandra said...

That's great! My son said he saw her commercial.