Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Not at all satisfying

Well, I did get to send the email I talked about in my last post but SOMEONE simply didn't get it. He sent me a reply that made no sense at all. Even worse, his reply did not contain the one thing it should have contained - an apology. I know my dear husband will laugh at this coming from me but I'll say it anyway - some people just cannot admit when they are wrong.


trusty getto said...

The nonsense is probably related to the DENIAL. And, you are absolutely correct, contrary to hubby's laugh, that a well-timed and sincere apology goes a long, long way.

Jessica said...

Well, hubby's laugh would stem from the fact that, in the very rare circumstance that I am actually wrong, I sometimes have a hard time admitting it. ;-) In fact, he's the one who has taught me the value of a sincere apology.