Friday, August 19, 2005

So many thoughts, so little time

Today I had lots of thoughts about things to write but I had no time to write. Now that I have a little time, I can't think of anything to write about! Truth be told, I don't actually have any time to write, what I'm really doing is procrastinating. I was about to leave the office with time to spare so that I could stop at Jewel to buy some food. But I hate the thought of grocery shopping so I decided to blog about it instead of doing it.

In our household's division of labor, my hubby has taken on the role of designated grocery shopper. He's actually the designated shopper for pretty much everything except clothes for the kids and make up products for me. The reason for this is simple. He's a great shopper and I'm not. He makes good decisions - knows a good price when he sees it, is efficient when he shops and rarely makes impulse buys. I, on the other hand, tend to wander around the grocery store consumed by aimless indecision, dreaming about elaborate meals involving exotic things like eggplant and cous cous that I will never actually make (and my kids would probably never eat). I am also the queen of the impulse buy (those Double Stuff Oreos are really hard to pass up). So, after twelve years with Big D, I am unaccustomed to grocery shopping and feeling great dread about the three to five months ahead of me during which I will need to do the shopping.

Ok, I am being a bit over-dramatic. I know that if I'm really petrified of actually going to the store (or if I get really lazy about it), I can use Peapod. And I'm not really petrified anyway. The truth is, I'm lazy. I don't feel like going to the store and - more importantly - I don't feel like cooking dinner. So M-Girl and I are going out to dinner tonight - probably to California Pizza Kitchen. I have a special birthday coupon they sent for M-Girl and I could use a margarita. And the M-Girl looooves eating out. So, there you have it. I've blogged myself into staying away from Jewel (at least for today) and eating out. I think I like this blogging thing!


catherine said...

That's awesome that you get out of grocery shopping! I hate it. I love your line about blogging about it instead of doing it. Maybe I'll try that next week!

Sandra said...

Right after work, Jewel is hellish. CPK sounds good. When my husband is away, we tend to eat glorified snacks rather than real meals. You and your one daughter will probably have some really nice times together in the coming months.

Anonymous said...

fun post
I always try to shop on a satisfied stomach and then impulse buying is easy to resist and also
bring a list

Jessica said...

CPK was nice. The first thing Meredith said when we sat down was "I wish Daddy and Abby were here." I did too. We had a nice dinner - they have awesome margaritas (but see my next post to find out what happens when I try to shop after having said margarita!)

landismom said...

Wow, your husband shops for things other than food? I'm in awe. My dh will cook up a storm, and shop for it too, but I don't think he realizes that other things also need to be replaced sometimes. I do draw the line at buying him clothes, though (other than for occasional gifts).

E said...

Wow...I could've written this post. My husband grocery shops for the EXACT same reason. I joke with him that he doesn't trust me, but truth is...I hate to do it and I'm glad he does it! He's out of town this week and I've put off going for the last three days. I guess I'll have to do it tomorrow.