Tuesday, August 23, 2005

M-Girl's first sleepover

My baby's growing up! She's having her first sleepover tonight. She's over at her friend Super Boy's house. She had a playdate with him this afternoon and I joined them for dinner tonight. The two of them begged me to let M-Girl sleepover. I know them well, she's comfortable at their house and they don't live far so I was ok with it. I also didn't leave until they were in bed. Super Boy's dad told M-Girl that if she had any worries during the night and wanted to go home, he and Super Boy would bring her home, no questions asked. Super Boy's dad is a nice guy.

A little over a year ago M-Girl and A-Girl stayed with friends in L.A. while Big D and I were at a business function for a couple of days in Santa Barbara. But M-Girl was with her sister which, I think, made it easy for her.

She's only five but she's quite independent for her age. I'm not worried about her - I guess I'm more worried about myself. I have the whole house to myself now for the first time in . . . forever. I feel like I should do something special. Let's see . . . what to do.

I know! I'm going to sleep!!!

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landismom said...

Wow, that's great! I hope she has fun.