Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Micky D's (yes, again)

Ok - this is the last time I'll talk about the McDonald's commercial (at least until we actually see it on TV!). A-Girl had a great time filming yesterday and, according to her very proud stage dad, she was her usual professional self. I worked in the business before and I know that for the most part, people in the business are full of crap. That said, when a VIP like the director or agency producer goes out of his or her way to tell you that your child is a great pleasure to work with, that means something. It also says something when production assistants, wardrobe people and craft services tell you the same thing. She's a nice kid and treats everyone with respect. I'm bubbling over with pride. (Can ya tell?)

I give Big D a lot of credit for coming up with the idea to tell her - before her very first job - that the people at the shoot are working, just like Mom and Dad work at their offices, and that when she's on set, she's working too. We explained to her that if she goofs around and doesn't do what they ask her to do, she's wasting their time and might make it so that they are late getting home to their families after work. We also told her that if she wants to keep working, she needs to be a good worker. She really took it all to heart and, man, is she good.

Big D has been wanting to see her in action for awhile but I've been a "job hog" and insisted on going to every one of her jobs myself. Since I have big, unmissable meetings this week I had to let him go and he had a good time. For the most part, being on set is pretty boring and involves a lot of waiting around. But he got a kick out of seeing her do her thing and this was an especially fun shoot with the flying around like Tarzan stuff. We totally can't wait to see the finished product.

On another note, she did a radio commercial for Bob Evans Restaurants today. Big D got to go to that one, too. I'm bummed because they were recording at my favorite studio in the Wrigley Building - they have a kick ass, new fangled coffee machine. I never can get enough, can I?

I'm still dreaming about Sound of Music and the possibilities it holds for our family. I really need to do something about my life so I'm not living so vicariously through my daughter. I gotta, gotta get my ass in gear and try to write something publishable. Maybe when sweeps month is over . . .

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