Monday, May 02, 2005


This sucks. I'm at home with two sick kids. I don't feel well. The hubby doesn't feel well. It's freakin' May and it's freezing out. And cloudy. Oh, and I have my period. Did I mention that this sucks?

I suppose I should be glad that the babysitter arrived about 30 minutes ago so I no longer have to try to work (er, procrastinate by surfing the web reading blogs of total strangers) with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends screeching from the TV. Now I can procrastinate in peace and quiet while she uses her young person's energy and creativity to occupy my kids.

More great moments in parenting . . . although I swore I wouldn't let the kids watch TV all day just because they're sick, they've probably watched more than three hours total. I did have them do some workbooks for a little while so it was kinda like school, only not really.

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