Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The hills are alive . . .

A-Girl got a callback for Sound of Music! I'm used to commercial work where things move very quickly and callbacks are within a day or two of the initial audition. The Sound of Music audition was two weeks ago so we pretty much thought she didn't get it. It's still a long shot anyway but it's a nice vote of confidence for her. This was her first singing audition and although she said she felt confident, I think she was a bit nervous (but maybe not as nervous as I was).

Big D and I have no idea what we're going to do if she gets it. It's possible that Big D will quit his job and tour with her (of course M-Girl and I will join them for awhile). On the other hand, I'm the one that wants to write. What an opportunity it would be to write a book or a series of articles about the trip! I don't know the whole itinerary but it includes stops in Singapore and Hong Kong. We'd also be able to visit my husband's family in Taiwan.

I know it's a bit crazy of us to even think about doing this. We have a home (with a big mortgage) and good jobs. The kids are enrolled in school for next year. It may be impossible for us to take leaves of absence from our jobs to do this. I know my boss will be happy for A-Girl and would do what he could to give me the flexibility I need but giving me four months off is probably more than he can do. I might be able to do some work out there with some good technology but the time difference may be too much to overcome.

I guess we'll cross that bridge when - and a big if - we get there. In the meantime, it's nice to dream about the possibility.

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