Wednesday, April 19, 2006


"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Separate groups of gunmen entered two primary schools in Baghdad on Wednesday and beheaded two teachers in front of their students, the Ministry of State for National Security said."

Why? Who could do such a thing? What purpose could such brutality serve? I ache for those children . . . for all the children in the world that are growing up amid violence and hatred.


Anonymous said...

I can’t imagine what it takes to make a human being so cold and heartless! Events like this are easily brought to our attention, which makes it impossible to ignore. Then I wonder how many children right in our own neighborhoods have to endure unbelievable events right in their own homes. Can you imagine the horror of seeing your Mother being beaten and abused on a regular basis, Or wondering what your punishment will be if you were to spill your milk. I’m quite sure this happens more often than any of us
want to believe. It’s just usually isn’t in the headlines. How much are these tender hearts supposed to endure?
I pray for ALL of these tormented little souls that have to live in fear.

landismom said...

Wow, that is pretty appalling. I can't imagine what would make someone think that was a good idea. How is that going to convert anyone to your cause?

Sandra said...

MSNBC and AP are reporting that this didn't actually happen. I hope not.

Kristen said...

OMG. I didn't hear about this. I hope Sandra's right and that this was just a bad rumor.