Monday, April 24, 2006

That explains it

I took my five year old daughter to the zoo yesterday. Our neighbors joined us with their six year old daughter and four year old son. We were in line for lunch at the food court and I was goofing around with their son. He said "You're crazy!" and my daughter said (quite loudly for someone who is usually so quiet we constantly have to tell her to speak up) "She's not crazy. She's old! She's 41 years old you know."



L.C. said...

Don't kids just say the cutest things.....

Thanks for visiting my site today : )

Clublint said...

It's worse when they make comments about other people being old.

My daughter went up to a woman in our local shopping centre and said, in the sweetest and loudest voice you can imagine "you must be REALLY old because you're face is melting."

I nearly died and I couldn't get my shopping done fast enough. The woman saw us down the other end of one of the aisles and she turned around and went another way.

All I can offer is a cyber hug of sympathy.

Jessica said...

HAH!!!! Oh, I'm sorry but that is the funniest thing I've heard in ages.

Jessica said...

Yeah - It was funny. Especially when the guy behind in line started snickering. Then I said "Honey, it's not polite to talk about a lady's age." She said "You're not a lady. You're a woman." Not sure what the difference is but, okay. She's quite an opinionated 5 year old.

Clublint - The face melting thing is quite clever!

l.c. - Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog.

Kristen said...

A lady is someone even older, I'm pretty sure. Although if you're going to ask her, don't do it in public or she might say something even more poignant!! LOL.