Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Multi-tasking edition

1. If I go grab the code for my usual purple table, I won't have time to actually write my list so I'm going "naked" this week.

2. We're almost done nit-picking. As Mike points out in his comment to that post, the nit-picking is not actually the worst of it. It's all the washing, scrubbing, vacuuming and double-bagging of stuff (for TEN DAYS!) that's actually worse.

3. Under the heading of "Motherhood isn't always what I thought it would be": Last night, I sat on the floor of my room, picking nits out of my daughters' hair and watching Skating with Celebrities. Now THIS is the life . . .

4. I apologize to everyone who had uncontrollable urges to scratch their head after reading yesterday's post.

5. This is hopefully the last time I will discuss head lice. Ever.

6. I'm still planning on testing for my yellow belt on Saturday. I have Tae Kwon Do tonight and hopefully I'll be able to work on some of the things I'm not sure I have down pat yet. I'm fairly confident about passing the test but I'm still nervous.

7. I went to kickboxing on Tuesday night. I haven't been there in a month so I was afraid I'd be dead by the end of class but it was ok. I was only half dead.

8. The reason I named this the multi-tasking edition is because I'm typing this while I'm (sort of) listening to a conference call. Actually, I'm only listening to every other word so I have NO idea what's going on.

9. I hope they don't ask me a question.

10. Update on A Girl's career - we've decided to sign her to an exclusive arrangement with an agency here in Chicago which will also give her an exclusive arrangement with an L.A. agency. She and Big D are going to spend three weeks in L.A. next month during "pilot season" which is when they cast for the pilot episodes of next year's new shows. We realize that it is rather insane to turn our lives upside down for an eight year old's career but she really loves doing this and while she's getting some interest from the agencies, we might as well see what happens.

11. A Girl has a great attitude about it all. She enjoys auditioning and works hard but doesn't put an unhealthy emphasis on getting a job. And she loves performing - whether it's on camera, voice over or (especially) singing. We try to down play the career aspect - we emphasize that it's for fun and that it could all go away tomorrow. She knows that she may never book a job again and though she'd be disappointed, it wouldn't be devastating. Taking her to L.A. certainly heats things up quite a bit but we're of the mind that it's a time to meet new people and explore new opportunities. If nothing comes of it, they got a nice long visit to L.A. during Chicago's suckiest month (weather-wise).

12. I really believe that doing this stuff will help her down the road. At eight, she can already talk to anyone and isn't intimidated by unknown people or places. She's developed great confidence (but not ego) and that will help her as she grows up. Ok, I know I sound like one of those scary, big-haired mothers who puts her overly-made up five year old in freaky "beauty" pageants so "she'll develop confidence." But really, I'm not like that. Really.

13. Yeah! American Idol is on again! Do not ask me why I love that show. I just do. A Girl and I watch it religiously. M Girl would much rather watch Fairly Odd Parents. But she told me that if I wanted her to, she'd watch American Idol with me. Oh, the sacrifices that kid will make for me!

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Uisce said...

American Idol, yes! I love this show, it's just so entertaining even if it is pretty mind numbing! And I'll admit it, I'm a huge Simon fan! My 13 are up!

Mike said...

Whoa...kickboxing? Remind me never to get on your bad side.

JK :) said...

I cant help but scratch my head due to your previous entry. I hope you'll all be free of nits and lice soon! Have you been using a shampoo for that?

Wow, will you be a showbiz mom soon? :)

MIM said...

HELLLLL-OOOOOO my sweet thing! I am ever so sorry for being ever so absent. I miss your blog. I wish we could have lunch again RIGHT NOW. And I have a million excuses.

But A Girl in LA? Are YOU going to visit her out here? If so, CALL ME.

You know, it takes a lot of patience to deal with A Girl's "career." But it seems like you and Big D have such a good perspective on the whole thing. You guys are great! She's so lucky to have such level-headed parents!

Kimmy said...

I hope the lice problem is resolved. Yuck! I know they're just bugs, and in the grand scheme of things no big deal...but they give me the heebyjeebies!
Best wishes to A Girl!
LOVE American Idol...auditions especially!

They're up!

Nicole said...

I enjoyed reading your list. I'm one of the ladies that has taken over T13 for Leanne so I'm trying to go around and get to know everyone a little better. Good luck with the lice! The Girl Next Door @

cmhl said...

you ROCK! watching idol while picking nits while participing in a conference call! hahah!!!

Jessica said...

Thanks for all your good wishes on the lice problem. It's still not totally resolved, although it is getting better.

I'm enjoying watching American Idol - even the bad auditions although I can't imagine what some of these people are thinking. They really think they're good when they're horrible. Wishful thinking run rampant.

MIM - Hopefully I'll see you next month! I'll be there for a week. I'll email you with details.

cmhl - thanks for the compliment. In all honesty, I'd like to rock for something other than nit picking but I'll take what I can get!