Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Another quicky

Thirteen Things about Jessica

1. I'm gonna make this quick because I have Board meetings starting in about an hour. It's finally a beautiful day here - sunny and not too cold and I'll be spending the better part of the day in a stuffy conference room. I suppose I shouldn't be complaining about the job that pays the mortgage, though . . .
2. As you can see from my last post - I got my yellow belt! And I broke the board! With my foot! And didn't really injure myself or anyone else!
3. I've been reading a lot of stuff about writing but haven't been doing much actual writing except in snippets. It is so hard to find the time.
4. We got a Schoolhouse Rock DVD awhile ago but the kids hadn't really watched much of it. So we broke it out one night and watched all the old favorites - Conjunction Junction, The Preamble, I'm Just A Bill, Figure Eight - and the kids loved it. They've been playing it a lot (and arguing whether they should listen to Multiplication Rock or Grammar Rock or America Rock.
5. A looooong time ago, I memorized the Preamble to the Constitution from listening to the song The Preamble and I can still sing it to this day. I think it will help A Girl a lot because she's so musical. She can memorize pretty much anything if it's set to music!
6. I'm going to L.A. in February. Even though it's on business and I'll spend all day in conference rooms, I'm still glad to be there and not here. I really don't like Chicago in February. I'm soooo done with winter.
7. Boy, I really don't have much to say today. Sorry to be so boring.
8. There are things going on at work that I'm not thrilled about but there are people from work who might read this so I can't really talk about it. Suffice it to say that this organization could use a lesson in communication skills. (My husband is probably laughing right now given the whole "pot calling the kettle black" thing going on in that sentence).
9. Although I talk a lot, I'm not a great communicator. My new mantra (especially during PMS) is "Less is more." I need to talk LESS. I'll let you know how that works out.
10. I think I'm a better communicator through writing than I am through speaking. My mouth tends to run ahead of my brain too much of the time. I do type faster than I think but at least the delete button works! I haven't found a way to unsay things I've said, though.
11. When my husband was a kid and he wanted to get better at something, he would practice and practice and practice - on his own most of the time. We taught the girls how to play Crazy 8's last week and M Girl has really taken to it. She's been home from school for awhile due to the scourge I promised never to talk about on this blog again and (in addition to watching way too much tv) she's been playing Crazy 8's. Her dad plays with her sometimes but most of the time she's been playing by herself. She deals the cards as if two people are playing and then plays both sides. She has spent HOURS doing this. Her attention span is incredible for a five year old. Her incentive is that she really likes to win and she's willing to do what it takes to get good enough to win. We gotta get that kid into competitive sports - she'll probably love it.
12. I like to win but I'm not really good at practicing. When I was a kid, I just wouldn't play games that I couldn't win or I would simply resign myself to losing and not try very hard. I like Big D's and M Girl's attitude better.
13. Have a good Thursday everyone!

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Karen said...

I can totally relate to #10. I have a tendency to be a little blunt at times and hurt people's feelings. As a result, I now keep my mouth shut, even it costs me my tongue. *grin* If I feel the need to rant, I open Word, type furiously away and then promptly delete it. Makes me feel better.

My son is EXACTLY #12.

Mine are up

Nicole said...

Isn't it sad when we can't vent on our "venting outlet" because they might read it? I'm that way about work and my old two best friends. They don't visit offen but as sure as I write something, they will see it. LOL Happy TT!

Uisce said...

I wonder if I get could get those Schoolhouse Rock videos on Netflix -- I'd love to see those all again, even if the kids don't! :) My 13 are up!

Mama B said...

Congrats on getting your yellow belt. Breaking boards? OUCH!! My 13 are up.

Jen said...

We love Schoolhouse Rock, too!

Mine are up!

Janne said...

I love Schoolhouse Rock!

Renee said...

We have Schoolhouse Rock DVD too! Darly loves it and knows all the Multiplication Rock by heart. It's funny to see her do the 5's.

here's my tt fefyfomanna: thursday thirteen...the comment whore one ;o)

Chickadee said...

I also communicate better writing vs. speaking. For some reason, the words flow easier on paper than they come from my mouth.

My 13 are up.

MIM said...

I had no idea you could Schoolhouse Rock on DVD. I'm gonna have to buy that!

Kelly said...

You broke the board???
I've always wanted to do that!!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

Nancy said...

Congratulations on the yellow belt. That is so awesome!

I wish I had time to write more, also.

Sorry you were/are in meetings a lot.

I'm Up

Paisley said...

Schoolhoue rock RULES! We just got their CD and it is amazing how quickly the songs come back. I can't wait to play it for my kids. Great memories of that show.

Jessica said...

LOVE Schoolhouse Rock!!!