Monday, January 09, 2006

Baby butt shot

We had a little crisis with M Girl yesterday about a framed picture we wanted to put up in her room. When she was a baby, we had professional pictures taken of both girls at Classic Kids Photography. They do a compilation they call "Baby Parts" which consists of nine small pictures of different parts of the baby - full face, profile, feet, belly button etc. (To see an example, click on the link, click on "enter" and a new page pops up. Click on "Gallery" at the bottom of the new page and then click on "Small" (the button right above the Gallery button). The first thing you see is Baby Parts.) As you can see, one of the essential parts of Baby Parts is the butt shot.

When M Girl was having her Baby Parts pictures taken, she did not like the butt shot - she screamed the entire time we had her on her tummy. It was hard to get a good picture because her butt was all tensed up - not like the cute bubble butts babies have when they're relaxed. Fast forward four years . . . we love M Girl's Baby Parts picture and we finally got around to hanging it up in our "new" home this weekend. We decided to put it in her room but when she saw it, she had a fit. "I don't want people to see my butt!" she shrieked. Her dad and I tried to convince her that it was cute but when she started to cry and stood, sobbing, in the corner of the room, Big D came up with a compromise. "Will you let us put it up if we cover the picture of your butt with a piece of paper?" She sniffed, blinked back the tears and nodded.

The thing is - I remember Big D and I having a conversation about the butt shot and guessing that it would be embarrassing to M Girl at some point. But we figured that it would happen in her pre-teen years when everything is embarrassing. We didn't expect it to happen so soon!

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Sandra said...

My parents had an adorable butt shot of my sister and she hated it until she was an adult. Nobody was ever allowed to see it--she used to scream in fury if anyone even mentioned it. They put the picture away for several years and now it's finally displayed as the classic that it is.

I have a great butt shot of my son as a toddler lying on the floor coloring a picture while naked from the waist down. So cute because of the intense concentration on his art work and the complete obliviousness to his own nudity. He allows me to have it in a frame where only I see it, and he will sometimes point it out to a friend, no doubt relishing its "mooning" aspects, but nobody is allowed to say it's cute. Boys are a little different!