Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

1. I'm so out of it, I almost forgot that it's Thursday and time for yet another addition of Thursday Thirteen! For some reason, I keep losing track of what day it is this week. And no, I haven't been drinking. Or smoking. Or popping pills, other than the usual. I'm just getting old.

2. M-Girl had a sleepover last night at our neighbors' apartment. They have two kids - a boy M-Girl's age and a girl that's a year or so younger. The girls slept in the same bed and apparently they woke up around 5:00 a.m. (according to the mom) and decided to watch Spongebob cartoons. M-Girl informed me that she and Hannah woke up "in the middle of the night and got to watch t.v.!" She was so excited to have done something so outrageous, I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was actually morning, even if it was still a bit dark.

3. I haven't been telling many stories about A-Girl and Big D's adventure in Asia because they aren't my stories and I don't want to steal any thunder from A-Girl and Big D. At some point, they might have their own blogs and I don't want them feeling like I've already told all the good stories to the blogosphere.

4. However, I really want to tell this one: The kids were lined up backstage for their curtain call. When they started running out on stage, the boy in front of A-Girl was moving kind of slowly and the girl behind her pushed her into the boy. A-Girl tripped on the boy's foot and somehow got dragged across the stage the rest of the way. She said when she stood up and took her bow, the audience started laughing and then she and the other kids started laughing and they laughed all the way off stage. I like this story not because I like to laugh at my daughter's misfortune but because it shows what she's learning through this experience. We all have times when we trip up but if we can have a good laugh and take it in stride, we'll be happier and healthier. I'm so glad that A-Girl can do that.

5. One week until M-Girl and I go to Hong Kong! Yipee!!! My wonderful husband is trying to plan a short (one day) getaway for the two of us so we can spend some much needed alone time together. Double yipeee!!! And thanks, honey!!!

6. My wonderful husband also invited my mother to come visit them in Hong Kong. How many men do you know that would voluntarily spend five days in a foreign country with their mother-in-law? Without their wives? Can someone let me know how to nominate him for sainthood?

7. I am going to the opera this weekend to see Cinderella. I'm not a big fan of the opera but I have a business acquaintance who invites us now and then. She always makes sure to invite me to the operas that non-opera lovers are more likely to enjoy. She's nice like that.

8. Did you know that I'm an expert procrastinator? Well, I am. In fact, I'm doing it right now. Hard to believe, I know.

9. I wrote a short story and tomorrow I'm going to submit it to an online publication. Wish me luck!

10. My mom is coming over for dinner and I can't decide if I should cook or if we should go out for dinner. I feel like I should cook but I tend to rebel against shoulds. Yes, I know that's really immature.

11. I know I say this every Thursday but it always amazes me how hard it is to come up with thirteen moderately interesting things to say! Normally you can't shut me up and now I'm at a loss for words. Go figure.

12. Being a "single" mom is harder than I expected. I have a lot of respect for single parents after this experience. There's so much household business that needs to be done on a daily basis and it's hard for one person to get it all done and still have time for themselves. Me, I just don't get as much done as I should (but see #10 above) so I have a little time to watch tv and knit at night. Honey - I always knew (and appreciated) that you took care of a lot of stuff but now I appreciate it even more!

13. I'm done! And because I'm too lazy to do all the links . . . oops, I mean busy, yeah, that's it. I'm too busy to do the links . . . please go see Leanne and check out the growing list of Thursday Thirteen participants! Also, if you do your own Thursday Thirteen, link to it in a comment so we can all come visit you.


InterstellarLass said...

Cool! I love to travel. Sounds like it will be fun. Thanks for dropping by my 13.

UziCue said...

Thanks for coming by!!szvo

catherine said...

Wow! Hong Kong, opera... what a life!
Here's my (boring)13:

MIM said...

You HAVE to tell us what happens with your short story!!

Trista said...

Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you. The trip to Hong Kong sounds like so much fun. I've never been there, but a friend from college studied abroad in Hong Kong and absolutely loved it. Have a safe trip and I hope you get to spend some alone time with your husband.

Best of luck with the short story publication!