Thursday, October 06, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Ok - I know Thursday is almost over but I'll try to get a quick 13 things in anyway.

1. I haven't paid the ticket yet from the time my car got towed. It's sitting on my desk pissing me off. I need to pay that thing and get it out of my life.

2. I'm counting forwards this week, which is good. I guess.

3. After writing my Blogging for Books post, I'm even more into my music than I was before! When I went to pick up M-Girl from her playdate, I was blasting Can you take me higher by Creed and singing REALLY LOUD. And then there was I'm not your stepping stone by somebody else which is great, too. I was really bummed because I only caught the end of Time for me to fly by REO Speedwagon - talk about a high school anthem!

4. Since 3 was really long, this one needs to be short. Why? Because I said so.

5. Have I mentioned that I loved kickboxing? I did. But two nights later my muscles are still sore which kinda sucks but it does mean that every time I move my arms, I think about how much fun I had in that class.

6. Which reminds me - I need to go buy boxing gloves!

7. I'm taking M-Girl to Tae Kwon Do on Saturday. Well, actually, I'm going and I'm bringing her with me. It's a family class. I hope she likes it. Maybe when Big D and A-Girl get back we can all go together. You know the saying, "the family that Tae Kwon Do's together . . ." whatever.

8. Why is it so hard to think of 13 remotely interesting, funny or strange things to talk about when normally I can't shut up?

9. I love having my nails polished but I hate the fact that it chips off almost immediately and I always have to touch it up. I wish that they made polish that would never chip and when you wanted to take it off or change colors, all you'd have to do is wiggle your nose and blink like Samantha on Bewitched.

10. In fact, I think magic powers would be really nice. Like I'd love to clean up the clutter in my house but I'm just too busy blogging, thank you very much. But if I had magic powers . . . *nose wiggle* *blink* and it's done! Sigh. Oh, wait - I just realized that I'm combining Samantha and Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie. Even better - double magic powers! And blond hair! Cool.

11. Can you tell I like taking the easy way out when possible?

12. Like now, I could use what little energy I have left tonight thinking of something truly inspiring to say right now. But I won't because I'm just that lazy tonight.

13. Wow, I'm done. Yippeee! Now, I don't want you to think that I don't like Thursday Thirteen. I do. I'm just in a lazy mood tonight. Tune in next week for another - far more interesting - addition of Jessica's Thursday Thirteen!

Now, go see Leanne, the founding mother of the Thursday Thirteen and check out her Thursday Thirteen. If you do one of your own, post the URL in my comments and we'll all go take a look!


PKKs said...

Ya know, I'd love to have magical powers too. I'd blink my eyes and be transported 9,000 miles away to my cozy bed trying to warm my beautiful wife's cold feet. Two weeks and counting...

landismom said...

Magic powers would rock! Imagine never cleaning a toilet again...

And the permanent pedicure--I like that idea too.

Dorothy said...

Loved the idea! I know it's Friday, but started anyway. Oh, no, Friday 13!

MIM said...

No. 4 is my favorite!

(and, OMG! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!?)

Jessica said...

MIM - It's sad to say but I'm not as smart or funny as you are so I'm probably thinking something totally mundane while you're thinking great thoughts! Email me and let me know what you're thinking and I'll tell you if I'm thinking the same thing.

I am a Milliner's Dream, a woman of many "hats"... said...

I think I'll have to try that this week on Thursday...!

Great list... :)


cmhl said...

I"m with you on the magically house cleaning need... I SO need that. ugh.

it totally cramps my style. ha.