Tuesday, April 05, 2005

A first

Ok - I know the title is a bit on the corny side. The truth is that I've been spending way too much time and energy trying to pick out the perfect name for my blog. Originally, I wanted something that said something about who I am but everything I came up with seemed to define me too one-dimensionally. Not to be too cliche or anything but I'm a mom, a wife, a lawyer, a friend. I knit, I read, I love movies and television and the occasional crossword puzzle when I have time. I was hoping to come up with a name that said it all but wasn't too long. In the end, I came up with a name that defines what I want my blog to be rather than defining who I am.

That, and all the good names were taken.

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Big D said...

Where's the family in the love section? Well, we love you and we love being with you no matter which role you take on any given day!