Thursday, January 11, 2007

Funny phishing

I got an email today (on my WORK email no less) that was supposedly from Bank of America. It was "About your accounts with us!" (Hyperbole theirs). In addition to a link that I wouldn't ever click without a gun pointed at my head, there was this amusing tidbit (word for word):

"Following these, the cycle would start again. administratrix congressional But oh, Mr Rancho Grande!

(PILINGS its PILINGS there are TWO okay there are two fine now just hush just you know hush shhhhhh) and made it seem gone for awhile. You'll mend faster when you're working, I'll bet! She turned and walked toward the pantry. "She hugged him. After he did, he grayed out again. "she screamed, her mouth yawning wide, and he was suddenly looking into the dank red-lined pit of the goddess. Her hands had begun to spring limberly open and then snatch closed again, catching air and squashing it. denature"

I think my new favorite phrase from now on with be "But oh, Mr. Rancho Grande!"


landismom said...

I agree, Mr. Rancho Grande is a great one.

But I have to admit, I prefer, "he was suddenly looking in the the dank red-lined pit of the goddess."

dodo said...

I was just just thinking - dank and goddess? do those things go together? what was she the goddess of anyway? drains? basements?

Kristen said...

Wow, that is the most amazing spam I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

Apparently it's from Stephen King's Misery: