Friday, March 03, 2006

American Idol dish

I admit it, I totally loooooove American Idol. Even the crappy singers, Simon's snarky comments, Randy Jackson's TOTAL name dropping and the fact that Paula simply can't say anything that isn't sickeningly sweet. I love it all. I love the underdog factor - the rags to riches stories. People having their dreams come true.

However, the torture they put the contestants through on elimination night? I don't love that so much. I really feel for them - even the people that have to know they aren't cutting the mustard. I don't think I could stand on that stage about to be sent home and sing my song without bawling like a baby. Have you noticed that the people going home ALWAYS sing the song better than they did the night before?

So - let's talk about last night's eliminations. I think all the right people got let go (except I really, really can't figure out why Kevin Cobais is still around except that he's really sweet and maybe people expect him to suddenly stop lisping when he sings and become Clay Aiken - ain't gonna happen people!).

Anyway, the whole point of this post is to ask - does any one else think that Paula Abdul was TOTALLY high during the show? At a time when these poor kids are nervous as hell that they're going home, there's Paula laughing her ass off at some comment Simon supposedly made to her. And she did it not once, but twice! On any other night she's smacking his arm and saying something nice. But last night, she looked like she could barely keep her head off the desk, her hair was a complete mess and she didn't say one coherent sentence.

Just wondering if I'm the only person who noticed.

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cmhl said...

oh yeah, I think Paula has a little more than afrin going up her nose... but that is just me. or maybe she is drunk? I don't know, but it is really obvious that SOMETHING is going on...