Thursday, October 12, 2006

First grade ficshun

We went to the parent open-house at the kids' school last night and got to read our first grader's writing. I just had to share her first attempt at fiction (or ficshun, as she wrote it). I wish I could do it with her phonetic spelling but we couldn't take her journal home just yet and I can't really remember how she did it, so you'll just have to imagine it.

Once I was on an airplane. It was really windy out. When I opened the door I fell out but I had a parachute. Then the pilot fell out. He didn't have a parachute.

Maybe I'm just weird but I love that story. Even funnier - her older sister, upon hearing the story said "So what happened to the pilot?" (Apparently, she likes to have things tied up nicely.) M Girl said, matter of factly, "He hit the sidewalk and cracked his head." Her sister said "That's gross." So M Girl said "Ok, he fell on the sidewalk and broke his arm and got a cast." Talk about censorship!

In other writing news, our fourth grader's class had a project where they had to write the most important things about themselves. Our daughter wrote "The most important thing about me is that I have a great younger sister. She's really generous. Also, I have blue eyes and really white skin and I LOVE to sing." How sweet is it that she thinks the most important thing about her is her sister? I'm totally saving that to show her when she's a teenager and she wants to rip her sister's head off.


Just Expressing Myself said...

Your daughter spelling fiction "ficshun" shows how much sense she has! LOL I like her style.
Thanks for sharing.
Can't wait to read the whole story in her own special style.
Take care,

Kristin said...

I threw several hundred dollars in pocket change in the fountain at WestFarms Mall wishing for a little sister with green eyes and blonde hair. I got exactly that. 30 years later, I stand on what used to be the fountain, now a Starbuck's patio, and ask the cement to take her back. My coins bounce into the flowerbeds and my checkbook just lies there. And my sister laughs. Bitch.

landismom said...

Great story! And I love that your older daughter is happy to be an older sister.

dodo said...

the things they chose for story elements and phrasing is so fascinating. tonight my 3 year old offered to tell me a story. "One day. It was really really late at night. and in the morning, Ohh! out popped a crab! The end."

Kristen said...

Oh man, those some priceless quotes from your daughter!! I love that she changed her story to make it less "gross" when her sister objected. :-)