Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Girly Edition

Thirteen Reasons that I enjoy being a girl

4. The amazing ability to give birth.

5. The ability to cry my way out of a speeding ticket. (I only did it once, I swear.)

6. I can do this

7. And this

without having to explain myself.

8. But I can also do this

without anyone questioning my womanhood.

9. I can admit that I love Chick Flicks and Chick Lit.

10. Did I mention the shoes?

11. I can also swear a blue streak when my browser unexpectedly closes and I lose nearly my ENTIRE *&;%$&*& Thursday Thirteen post because I failed to save it!!!

12. Not that long ago, I could comfort my babies with just the sound of my voice and my own two breasts.

13. But, in the end, no one can say it better than Maya Angelou.

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Denise said...

Being a woman kicks ass! Thanks for stopping by my 13!

Chelle Y. said...

I enjoy being a girl too!

Vicky said...

I enjoy being a 'girl' too.. .but have to admit, there have been occasions when I've wondered how different life would be treating me if I were a boy (and no, I have no interest at all in being able to pee standing up!!!).

Lindsey said...

Yes to shoes and chick lit!! Woo hoo!!! Happy TT!

landismom said...

Good list! I love that Maya Angelou poem.

Crabby Chic said...

This Thursday Thirteen must have a curse, because I lost my entire 13 today, too. I gave up and wrote about something different though. I feel your pain.

PinkJeweledCat said...

I can TOTALLY relate to this list, except that I can't do seven OR eight. I did take Tai Chi years and years ago, before kids and marriage, but am far too out of shape now to do it. Ta for now dahling!

nancy said...

It's good to be a girl.....

Love that poem!

Samantha_K said...

Great 13, I love it!