Saturday, June 24, 2006

New belt number 3

I got my green belt today, which makes me a 7th Gup. I had a good test generally but wasn't able to break the board with my breaking kick. Mentally, I just wasn't there. Before the test I kept thinking about how I hadn't practiced this kick with the practice board as I had for my first two tests. So I didn't feel confident that I could break a board. It wasn't that I don't know the technique or have sufficient physical strength (it actually doesn't take much power to break a board). I didn't have the mental strength I needed.

Miss M got her orange belt, making her a 6th Gup. She broke her board and was so proud of herself. This time her dad got to hold the board for her. The instructor gave her a choice of a thinner, "kids" board (which she's been able to break before) or a "big kid" board which is thicker. She chose the kids board because she knew she'd be able to break it. But next time, she's getting the big kid board. Before her turn to kick she said to me "When I break the board, can I bring it home with me?" Now that's confidence. That's what I should have been thinking.


AfricaBleu said...

Congrats! My son and husband test for their green belts on Tuesday, and my son broke a bunch of boards in preparation for the test with his elbow and with a kick. It is fun watching him advance and grow -- he really likes it. I just like pretending I know the moves... :)

Sheryl said...

Congratulations! It's great Miss M has so much confidence!

landismom said...

Congrats on your test, and on Miss M's! That confidence is great!