Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Things that make no sense

Thirteen Things that make absolutely no sense to Jessica

1. Can someone please explain to me why Chris Daughtry was voted off American Idol last night instead of Kat? She is so not a clutch performer my friends. Don't get me wrong, her voice is fabulous and she's pretty but she freaks out under pressure as evidenced by the last two weeks of ridiculously over the top performances. If it wasn't for Taylor, I would seriously consider not watching any more.

2. Last Sunday's episode of The Sopranos. Seriously, I didn't really get it. Christopher has been all sober and everything after going to AA, he gets married because his girlfriend (who we've never really seen in the show to date, by the way) is pregnant and then his "friends" tell him that it's ok to drink a little wine (that they just stole from a biker gang) and do just a little heroin. With friends like that . . .

3. Staying with the TV theme, given the seriously bad dialogue, why do I keep watching CSI:NY? Here's why. So maybe it does make sense after all.

4. The fact that it rained last night but not one drop managed to touch the plants on our balconies.

5. I can talk and talk and talk in real person but when I want to write 13 little things, I can't seem to think of a single thing to say.

6. A Girl's classmate and good friend can't come back to school next year. The Principal doesn't like her mom (because she expressed concern about some school policies and teacher turnover) so he cancelled their contract (it's a private school). Apparently, the fact that the girl is a good student, well-behaved and well-liked doesn't matter. Admittedly, this woman tends to be a bit too outspoken (and I warned her to tone it down but it's hard for her). But they did it without warning, and with no opportunity for appeal. Not only does that make no sense, it's just not fair.

8. The sheer number of meetings I attend. I am trying (in vain) to go to fewer meetings, most of which are time wasters of major proportions. E-mail me, people. I don't actually have to see you in person all the time.

9. Speaking of meetings, I am currently on a conference call (gotta love multi-tasking). They don't really need me on this call but I'm like a binky - they've gotten used to having me around to answer random questions so they start to think they need me. I guess I shouldn't complain, but you know I will.

10. I almost missed my bus this morning because I was searching through my purse for my iPod headphones (which I had left at the office the night before). You'd think I'd be smart enough to get myself to the bus stop FIRST. It's one block away. Can I walk ONE BLOCK without a soundtrack? Apparently not.

11. The fact that I'm still sitting at my desk, writing this and half listening to a conference call that doesn't really need me when I really, really need to get home.

12. Getting my period every 21 to 24 days. If menopause didn't suck, I'd be begging for it.

13. The fact that white chocolate isn't really chocolate. Then why is it called chocolate? Are they trying to fool us into thinking we're eating chocolate when we're not? What purpose would that serve?

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Cynthia said...

Hi! I'm relatively new to this Thursday 13 bit, but your list today made me giggle a whole lot! I particularly liked numbers 7 (too funny!) and 9. I relate to the "binky" feeling. Sometimes I think people at work view me that way too.

And number 12 -- well, I totally relate. 21 to 24 days for me too... always has been. It totally sucks. I agree.

landismom said...

I think you've just described every conference call I've ever been on--including the ones I've scheduled!

LibertyBelle said...

Menopause doesn't suck for everyone. I feel 100000000 times better than I did with cramps and blood and pms and headaches - now I'm free, with NO side effects! Yippeee

Sheryl said...

I cannot believe America booted Chris. I think everyone was shocked.